Rienda Suelta radio program interviews Premium Pellets Spain

The radio program Rienda Suelta, of Intereconomía, directed and presented by Inma Ugarrio, has interviewed Javier Díaz, Managing Director and Javier Peñalba, Sales Representative of Premium Pellets Spain.

Rienda Suelta is a radio program pioneer with national broadcasting, where listeners find all the information about the world of horses, told in a fresh, close and dynamic way, which is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday, where for lovers of the equine world talk about high competition, interviews with the protagonists of: competitions, contests, events, nutrition, veterinary, fashion, routes, etc..

On the first occasion, Inma Ugarrio interviewed Javier Díaz, Managing Director of Premium Pellets Spain, where they talked about the company’s expansion process and the new facilities recently opened to meet the growing volume of business. In the interview, Javier explained in detail that the plant has thousands of square meters, in which the automation process has been optimized to generate its premium product, to which it has added a network of distributors that allows it to reach all parts of the world “as always offering that unique product and with all the quality”. Javier has expressed his gratitude to all those who have bet on Premium Pellets Spain, placing them at the head of the market “we are already big. We already have many people around us and this is being a brutal effort, but every day is rewarded”, and he is proud of the new structure of the company “we needed facilities like this to continue growing as we are doing. We knew we had a Premium product and we needed to have that Premium image, which we now have and which is leading us to serve the whole world”.

In a second interview, due to the interest in our fescue pellets, the following people were interviewed Javier Peñalba Commercial Delegate of Premium Pellets Spain and Senior Equestrian Technician, to explain the benefits of fescue in equine feed. Javier explained that it is a type of grass forage that has excellent properties for feeding both horses and other livestock. It provides high digestibility, prevents colic, is a source of energy, provides protein, facilitates chewing in older horses and also boosts the immune system. These are some of the benefits of this forage. Excellent particularities for horse feeding that other types of hay do not provide, so Javier recommends mixing fescue with the oats and the alfalfa to increase the protein that we give to our horses, and that have different utilities depending on the activity that the horse develops, and that Javier relates in detail.

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