About us

Premium Pellets Spain was created in 2018, in Villamartín de Campos (Palencia). The area is irrigated by the Canal de la Nava, famous for its properties in the production of high-quality fodder. The countryside and the agricultural sector have been the setting of our work and our lives for the past 40 years.

We know our clients’ needs first hand: A Premium product that allows the maximum yield to be obtained from holdings.
We boast the first Krone Premos 5000 unit in Spain, which uses cutting-edge technology to produce pellets directly in the field.

We produce alfalfa and hay pellets from our own land, meaning we have full control of the product from start to finish.
Premium Pellets Spain is a solid project. Our product stands out in the straw and alfalfa sector because we manufacture it in a different way, one that prioritises quality over quantity.

Save money, optimise space, gain time

What sets us apart

Unique on the market

because our pellets maintain full fibre with no prior milling.

Direct production

in the field with the first Krone Premos 5000 unit in Spain.

16mm pellets:

in this format, the animal benefits from 100% of the product.

Saving space

means a higher quantity of dry material in less space.

Free from micro-organisms

due to high production temperatures.

Great durability over time,

maintaining all characteristics intact.


We distribute to anywhere in Spain. Direct points of sale in:





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