Alfalfa Pellet

Alfalfa incorporates high-quality protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre into the animal feed. Alfalfa fibre stimulates chewing and salivation, boosting the amount of bicarbonate that reaches the rumen through the saliva. This helps to increase pH, facilitating rumination and eliminating acidosis problems in the animals.

At Premium Pellets Spain, we produce Top category, 16mm alfalfa pellets with 18% protein, plus Premium category pellets with more than 20% gross protein for the most demanding clients.

Our pellets are a new product that is totally different to those currently available. It is manufactured on our own land, meaning we fully control the whole process of cultivating the alfalfa, from selecting the variety, sowing, irrigation and harvesting, with strict quality analysis at all points of the process.

Production is carried out in the field itself, with the only Krone Premos 5000 unit in Spain. This machine uses an innovative system that is not based on milling and subsequent pelletisation, but instead directly pelletises the rows in the field, thus preserving all the alfalfa fibre that is so beneficial to good digestion.

We achieve a final product that is free from micro-organisms, as the temperature of almost 140 degrees reached during manufacture eliminates them. Free from dust, with all the benefits of dehydrated alfalfa pellets, plus all the fibre.

Suitable for consumption by horses, sheep, cattle, goats, camels, poultry and rabbits.

Benefits of our Alfalfa Pellets

Pellets with more than 20% gross protein.

Uniform, durable product.

Saving space,

meaning a higher quantity of dry material in less space.

Easy management and 0% product loss.

Better conservation.

We impede fermentation by reducing humidity.

Facilitates animal ingestion.

Improves milk quality.

Ideal for young horses, sports horses and lactating mares.

Control of food safety, quality and traceability.

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