Straw Pellet

At Premium Pellets Spain, we produce 16mm hay pellets (wheat, barley and rye) for bedding, animal feed and biofuel.

We manufacture the pellets using an innovative machine, the Krone Premos 5000. This means the pellets can be produced directly after harvesting, without any need for prior milling, which keeps all the fibre intact.

Ideal for horses, sheep, cattle, goats, camels, poultry and rabbits.

Benefits as Animal Bedding

Does not release dust,

meaning it prevents allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Natural product, free from additives.

Easy handling and storage.

Large expansion capacity.

Biodegradable cushioning

that absorbs impact and preserves the joints.

Very comfortable for rest.

High capacity for absorbing liquids and odours.

Clean, quick and convenient removal of manure.

More hygienic,

free from germs due to high manufacturing temperatures.

Distribution in different formats.

Benefits as Animal Feed

Maintains all the fibre

as there is no prior milling.

Improves digestion and intestinal function.

Free from micro-organisms

due to high manufacturing temperatures.

Easy handling and storage.

Suitable for feeding from trough or floor.

Benefits as a Biofuel

Renewable energy.

Less dependency on fossil fuels.

Saves on management and collection costs.

More uniform dosing.

Better combustion.

Easy handling and storage.

Less space

for the installation of a feeding system.

2.4kg of pellet equals one litre of diesel.

2.8kg of pellet equals 1kg of propane gas.

1kg of pellet equals 1kg of wood pellet.

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