We produce fescue hay pellets , dried in the sun and dehydrated in our pelletizer. Due to the climate and the excellent quality of our land, located in Villamartín de Campos (forage area par excellence and producer of quality Fescue for many years), a top quality final product emerges

Our hay has a high content of soluble fiber that favors intestinal function and contributes to better digestion, acts as an antioxidant and boosts the immune system .

Drying in the sun and passing it through the machine at 100º for a few minutes prevents protein destruction, preserves all the natural smell and flavor of the hay, and keeps it free of microorganisms.

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All this, together with our special care for the land, beginning with agricultural preparation work: the subscriber, seeking the most natural fertilizers possible, the necessary treatments to avoid pests and fungi, special care in mowing, giving preference to the quality versus quantity, make Our fescue hay is one of the highest quality on the market.


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